Honoring Champions of Education Who Have the Courage to Make A Difference


Honoring the courageous educators who have built trust, modeled resilience, and cultivated leadership in their schools and districts.

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  • Changemaker Award: This Superintendent has taken a stand as a leader – bringing innovative solutions to their entire district; building networks of support across multiple sectors to create diverse and powerful growth in their district.

  • Catalyst for Education Award: This Principal has sparked collaboration toward a specific change, leading the way as a catalyst that ignites hope and rallies others to champion their school community.

  • Hero Maker Award: This Teacher has built trust, modeled resilience, and cultivated leadership in others to influence not only their classroom, but parents, other teachers, and even outside community members, thus stimulating hope and inspiring courageous leadership for the future.

  • Student Champion of the Year Award: This Student exemplifies great-hearted leadership – cheering others on, leading by example, and inspiring his or her fellow student to generosity, perseverance, and the bold leadership required to empower the next generation.

  • Collaborative Leadership Award: This School Board Member has partnered with other leaders to bring unified community engagement and support to their district, building synergy and empowering their board to exceed expected outcomes for their district.