“It is a privilege to serve and support schools through School Connect. Bringing all facets of the community together to help educators enrich the lives of children and open doors of opportunity is meaningful and important community-building. Please find a way to connect with us and join this effort.”

Dr. Jennifer Johnson, Retired Educator

“I serve on the School Connect Board because their core principles of service, community, faith, education, and collaboration mesh perfectly with my beliefs. I am privileged to support an organization that puts the needs of children at the front of every decision and action.”

Dr. Carol Lippert, Assistant Vice President for K-12 Outreach and Support,
Grand Canyon Education

“The stories that unfold through School Connect show what’s possible when communities come together. I’ve witnessed firsthand how this model works, as it transforms the lives of the people we care deeply about – the next generation. My goal is to give our youth the best future we can, which is why it’s such an honor to be a part of this movement.”

John Dowd, Community Partnerships & Outreach,
CORE Construction

“Youth are an untapped richness in many communities in the Valley. I’m happy to work with an organization like School Connect that seeks to help young people grow up healthy and become contributing members in our neighborhoods and communities.”

Obed Escobar, Executive Director,
Titus Foundation

“What we know is that love for children, schools and communities is not singular and being in a relationship with additional individuals is not exclusive. There is room for everyone at the table. The systems that School Connect has built offer an endless multiplier effect allowing these relationships to be nurtured and grow.”

Dr. Betsy Hargrove, Superintendent,
Avondale Elementart School District

“I have served with School Connect for the past 9 years because I believe that there is no greater investment that exists than the investment that is made into people.  School Connect has taken that truth regarding investment and exemplified it beyond measure, by empowering the “village” to invest into the lives of our young people with diligence, consistency and love.  I honestly can’t think of a better mission to join my life to.”

Jerome Parker, Community Pastor,
First Christian Church (FCC)

“Education is at its best when supported by the “three- legged stool” of educators, parents, and community. As a member of the board, my aim is to assist in setting School Connect policy and direction in its mission as catalyst and facilitator in bringing all three groups – school by school – into collaborative partnership.”

Ric Pringle, Retired,
Attorney at Law

“I’m thrilled to be part of the amazing and emerging story about students, schools, and communities flourishing as businesses, government, churches, and non-profits partner with our schools. School Connect has been the catalyst for me joining in this compelling story, and it can be yours too.”

Dr. Mike Richardson, Faculty,
College of Theology, Grand Canyon University

“When you engage with School Connect, you engage with an entire community. It’s business partnerships, it’s families, it’s schools, it’s everybody coming together to make life better for our students.”

Nedda Shafir, Communications and Marketing Consultant,
Shafir Consulting

“Nothing matters more to the future of our country than our next generation. I invest in School Connect because it is the strongest movement I have found that is strengthening our next generation.”

Dan Steffen, Senior Pastor,
Pure Heart Church

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Love Our Schools Day 2023

This statewide event offers a project-based volunteer opportunity where communities can come together at a local school and roll up their sleeves to make a difference! Whether painting a classroom, planting a garden, or fixing a playground… you, your company, your colleagues, or your friends and family can get involved in ways that matter most to your community.

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Doing this alone is impossible; it takes all of us working together to make a difference.

🚨 You are invited to a night out filled with Mexican Food - Flowers and Friends! 🚨

🌮💐We have very limited seats for this Flower Power Experience being held on Wednesday, October 4, 2023 at 6:30pm.  Join us in Barrio Queen's private dining room at Desert Ridge. 💐🌮

👩‍🏫 Your ticket will not only support the mission of School Connect - but you will enjoy an authentic Mexican Fiesta followed by a fresh flower Bouquet Building Experience.  Our Master Florist will teach you the secret to designing stunning bouquets with the freshest flowers. 

🎟️ Gather up your friends to participate in this unique experience. Tickets are limited to this intimate experience - so don't delay.