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What is Your Sphere of Influence

Did you know that most of the strengths, unique qualities and needs of our communities are represented at our local schools?  The truth is that schools are a portal into the community. The same kids in your congregation are the ones sitting in the classrooms down the street!

Why Love our School Days

Love Our Schools Day is an opportunity for church members to connect with their local school – to roll up their sleeves and plant a garden, or paint a classroom. On a deeper level, this opportunity forms a connection point where your church and school leadership build friendship and trust as you work toward common goals.

Love Our Schools Day empowers local churches to make a lasting difference in the lives of our children and the success of our local schools, simply by showing up and asking the question,

How can we help?

Schedule a Date

Love Our Schools Day 2019 is being hosted by School District between Sept 28th – Oct 26th

  • Click the page below to find the LOSD Date of your local school(s)

  • Mail: info@schoolconnectaz.org if your School District(s) are not listed

  • Select a school project on the School Project Site




Find local schools near you to serve for Love Our Schools Day

  • Reach out to your current school connections, or neighborhood schools

  • Search our School Project Site for schools near you! You may search by School Name, School District, or your Church Zip Code

  • Contact info@schoolconnectaz.org for a list of schools requesting partners


Gather team leaders to build a cohesive, effective team

  • Church Coordinator: Point Person who plans with School Principal & other School Partners

  • Project Leaders: Manages specific LOSD projects

  • Financial Management: Determines budget & resource availability

  • Volunteer Coordinator: Recruits volunteers, assists volunteers with registration on the School Project Site, provides any helpful communication


Instead of planning in a vacuum, reach out to the community to unify the team

  • Reach out to other participating churches to promote unity

  • Contact local businesses / clubs who participated last year, or might want to join

  • Touch base with the main point person of all participating organizations

  • Enlist the Youth Group, Young Life, or Student Council to gather Student Leaders

  • Find resources for tools through the school PTO, city tools or Tool Bank, local businesses and grants

  • Email School Connect for a Potential Partner List within a five mile radius of your church!


Plan LOSD projects with the School Leadership Team over a few weeks

  • Meet with School Leadership to layout projects according to their timeline, available resources, and long term goals

  • Determine Partner Roles with School Leadership Team so that you clearly understand what role and responsibility your Church Team covers

  • Assess collective resources and seek out more where there are gaps

  • Start with short-term, easy wins that will build into a larger impact over time

    Example: Paint & stock the Teacher’s Lounge this LOSD, but plan ahead to replace chairs, coffee maker, or microwave oven later in the year

  • Help file paperwork with School District as needed

  • Project Leaders visit the site to get a clear picture of the project, priorities, and division of labor


Project Posting, Updates & Registration are all available online!

  • Connect with School Leadership to help post projects online
  • All Project Leaders need accounts with the School Project Site, as well as Project Admin Access to post projects, or update volunteers https://schoolconnectaz.org/
  • Contact info@schoolconnectaz.org for volunteer count, or other reporting


Effective promotion rallies support, enthusiasm & team building

  • Video promotion on Sunday mornings is a great way to generate momentum ~ Contact info@schoolconnectaz.org for the LOSD promotional video below

  • Recruit volunteers by sending the project links to your church email list or include them in your newsletter

  • Post project info and registration links on the church website, social media, Sunday bulletin, and on the church campus

Remember, your excitement is contagious!


We build powerful support for our children by serving our local schools…together!

  • Gather Leadership Team and Volunteers to prepare before heading out! This is a great time to build camaraderie and start with a collective prayer

  • Distribute unifying identification such as a church t-shirt or bracelet, or choose a common color to represent your group

  • Review goals, priorities, roles and location information

  • Distribute tools to Project Leaders, or send tools to locations

  • Remember social media! Send out hashtags, take pictures & videos to applaud giving back

  • Reconvene after project completion to celebrate your success!

Remember to build relationships so that this event can grow into a long-term partnership!

Start little, but DREAM BIG!


Build on the valuable connections formed through Love Our Schools Day

  • Send handwritten thank-you notes to School Leadership & Community Partners

  • Ask School Leadership for other opportunities to serve throughout the year

  • Schedule 3 appointments over the school year calendar to serve again!

Examples Include: Teacher Appreciation Day Coffee, Thanksgiving Boxes, Church Youth Group helping at a School Pep Rally or Hosting a Paper Drive