Identify Leadership Team

An effective leadership team is a core to the success of Love Our Schools Day! This team helps keep the planning for Love Our Schools Day moving forward and works to keep the needs of the school at the front of the conversation. Here are a few people you might want to include on your leadership team:​


School Point Person

Who naturally rallies the troops and always seems to get stuff done? Is there one person who stands out, or a team of 2 or 3 who work well together?

Community Hero

Is there a key community partner from a local business, church, or club, with whom the school has a great relationship and works to support where needed?

Facilities Manager

The FM is critical to the success of Love Our Schools Day since these projects can support their workload and campus needs. Allow them to flex their time so that they can be present on the school project day!

Project Leader

This may be the School Point Person, Community Hero, Parent Organization Member, or anyone who the group chooses. They are responsible for a specific project, manage the supplies and details, and lead a team on the school project day!

Identify Love Our Schools Day Projects


To identify school project goals, it helps to start with three things:

  1.  School Goals
  2. Community Resources
  3. Time Line

Based on overall goals and resources, think about where you want to go. Then factor your timeline into the equation to discover a starting point for each of the 5 target areas: