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Buckeye Union High School

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District: Buckeye Union High School District

Address: 1000 E. Narramore Rd.

Hello, Thank you for even considering our project. We are in need of artificial turf in two of our quad areas. Currently, there is natural grass, well some grass, but mostly mud. Due to how our school was built there is never going to be enough sun to grow healthy grass for student usage. Year after year, we spend money and use natural resources to water, fertilize, and grow grass, but it always ends up the same. Our student cannot walk on most of it due to it being muddy all of the time. Our campus has 103 years of strong tradition and it always is hard to work with when you host community events, like last weekend, and have to set up local businesses in the mud. If you would like more information or need pictures, please let us know and we would love to schedule a tour of our campus for you.   Joe Kinney Principal

Estimated Project Costs: $25,000

Project Type:

Garden Project: School Garden or Landscaping Project

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