Copper King Elementary School – Quiet and Creative Area Remodel – Pendergast

Copper King Elementary

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District: Pendergast Elementary School District

Address: 10730 W. Campbell Ave Phoenix, Az 85037

Next to the main field on the campus, you will find a small gated area. This used to be a school garden, but it hasn’t been up and running in years. This year, Copper King is hoping to transform this space into a quiet area for students to enjoy during recess. We have several students who enjoy drawing, writing, reading, or simply sitting in peace during their times of leisure. In order to support this creativity, we want to provide them with this space on campus. Please help us turn this dream into a reality.


This event will take place on FEBUARY 24, 2024.

Estimated Project Costs: $5,000

Project Type:

Garden Project: School Garden or Landscaping Project

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