Gavilan Peak School – Firebird Pride – Deer Valley

Gavilan Peak School

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District: Deer Valley Unified

Address: 2701 West Memorial Drive

Gavilan Peak Elementary may be a small school, but we have big pride in our students, staff, and community. After the pandemic, we remain understaffed in our maintenance and custodial departments, so our beloved campus now needs a makeover. For us, a little help will go a long way. Studies show that an appealing and engaging environment can positively impact children’s mood and motivation, leading to better focus, behavior, and academic performance. We are proposing some small projects that will coincide with an initiative for homeroom classes to personalize and beautify their shared quads:

  • Several steel-framed picnic tables encircle the campus. Relocating them onto concrete, rather than on the grass or dirt where they currently sit, would be helpful.
  • The playgrounds could use raking to remove debris and refresh the sand and woodchips.
  • Our center quad world mural and character adjectives need some touch-up painting.
  • Finally, we would like to provide a planter/pot (large, such as 15 inches) outside each classroom that classes can decorate or plant according to a theme or subject taught.

In addition to all of the positive learning impacts we know come from a beautiful setting, we hope that these projects, once completed, will inspire our staff and students to further beautify and care for their shared spaces to reflect the image we want for Gavilan Peak and promote a stronger connection to the school. Can you help our school once again shine with Firebird pride?


Estimated Project Costs: $2,500

Project Type:

School Pride Project: Organization/Cleaning, Mascot or School Spirit, Campus Beautification

Possible Project Dates:

October 7, 2023, October 21, 2023, October 28, 2023

Is this Project OK for Kids: