Foothills Elementary – Beautification – Peoria

Foothills Elementary School

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District: Peoria Unified School District

Address: 15808 N. 63rd Avenue Glendale, AZ 85306

Calling all green thumbs, nature enthusiasts, and community beautifiers! Join us in an exciting project dedicated to enhancing the natural beauty of Foothills Elementary School. Our goal is to create a more inviting, vibrant, and aesthetically pleasing environment for our students, staff, and community members to enjoy. Volunteer Opportunities:

  1. Front Planter Planting: Add a burst of color and life to the front of our school by planting vibrant flowers and foliage in designated planters.
  2. Grounds Cleanup: Join us in tidying up the school grounds by removing debris, leaves, and any unsightly clutter, ensuring a clean and inviting environment.
  3. Stone Planter Planting: Transform the stone planters scattered around our campus into charming green oases by planting resilient and attractive plants.
  4. Sod Installation: Level and plant sod in areas where grass is struggling to grow, revitalizing these spots and providing a lush, green backdrop for our students’ activities.
  5. Shrub and Bush Pruning: Help us maintain the beauty of our existing shrubs and bushes by trimming and pruning them to keep them healthy and shapely.
  6. Tree Planting: Plant new trees in areas where we’ve had to remove damaged or dying trees.

Estimated Project Costs: $500

Project Type:

Garden Project: School Garden or Landscaping Project

Possible Project Dates:

October 21, 2023

Is this Project OK for Kids: