Glendale American Elementary – Campus Refresh Day – Glendale


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District: Glendale Elementary School District

Address: 8530 N 55th Ave

For our Love Our Schools Day we would love to give our classrooms a refresh by painting one accent wall, replacing ceiling tiles that are cracked, as well as painting some common areas in our hallways. Our primary focus is on enhancing the campus’s visual appeal in the hallways, classrooms, and ceilings. We need to paint and refresh some of our old cabinets in our classrooms. Additionally, we would like to paint and clean up our soon-to-be sensory room so that it is ready for our its materials. We also have some open concrete space outside our special education classrooms that we want to paint some sensory walks on.  We have a few areas around our campus that need an organizational overhaul cleanup. Our two supply rooms, under our stage, as well as our math, science, and bookrooms need cleaning up and reorganization. Our staff bathrooms in the main school building are in need of a lot of attention with look and some plumbing upgrades.  This is going to be a pretty big job with a lot of painting to clean up the overall look of our school and classrooms, and our students are going to love and appreciate all of it. Our school was built in the 70’s, so the majority of our classrooms do not have windows. An accent wall and newly painted cabinets will help allow some warmth and pop to our classrooms.  We are very excited to work hard and make this day a huge success for our students and community!

Estimated Project Costs: 5,000

Project Type:

Campus Update Project: Update or Remodeling Project

Possible Project Dates:

October 21, 2023

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