Highland Lakes School, STEAM Makerspace, Deer Valley School District

Highland Lakes School

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District: Deer Valley Unified School District

Address: 19000 North 63rd Avenue

A makerspace is a collaborative workplace on a school campus, and I would love to create one on my K-8 campus. Highland lakes is a unique public school in that it is a true K-8 school with a true elementary school and a true middle school. Additionally, we have a program for highly gifted students that operates as a separate arm of the school. And finally, we have an amazing music program for our students- full band, choir and orchestra. What we do not have, however, is a space on our campus that can provide students the opportunity to flex their creative muscles in a hands-on way. A makerspace on a school campus such as ours would  provide this experience, and enhance the collaborative and innovative projects that are a cornerstone of our gifted programs. Instead of just focusing on the typical Science, Tech, Engineering and Math that are most common with makerspaces, our school’s would incorporate an artistic component for students to explore and extend current passions and also be introduced to new artistic processes. Our students have the talent and desire, but they often don’t have access to the materials that can drive those ambitions. I want to change that on our campus.

Estimated Project Costs: 4,000-6,00

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STEM Project: Science or Technology Project or Resources

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