Granada East Elementary – Operation Beautify – Alhambra

Granada East Elementary School

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District: Alhambra Elementary School District

Address: 3022 W Campbell Avenue

Join us in making a positive impact on our campus by participating in our voluntary beautification campaign. Together, we’ll work to transform an unsightly outdoor area into a vibrant and inviting space for our students to enjoy. Agenda: Introduction/Goals & Objectives Explanation of the areas current condition  and the envisioned transformation

  1. Clean up
  • The removal of litter, debris, and weeds
  • Clear out any unwanted materials
  • Prepare the space for planting and or improvements

2. Planting/Landscaping

  • Planting grass, flowers, greenery
  • Lay down mulch, turf or decorative gravel pathways
  • Set up seating area, benches or picnic spots

3. Artistic Enhancements

  • Engage volunteers in creating art installations
  • Brighten up the area with colorful decorations

4. Community Bonding/Refreshments 5. Final Touches and Celebrations

  • Place finishing touches on the area’s improvements
  • Admire collective efforts
  • Group Photo to commemorate the transformation

We are excited to have you join us in creating positive change and beautifying our outdoor area! Your time and effort will make a lasting difference. Let’s come together to make our school community shine.


This event will take place Nov 18, 2023. From 9am – 12pm.

Estimated Project Costs: 15-20,000

Project Type:

Campus Update Project: Update or Remodeling Project

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