Peaceful Playgrounds, Alhambra Elementary School District

James W. Rice

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District: Alhambra Elementray

Address: 4530 W. Campbell Ave

James W. Rice is a K-8th grade campus that includes four classrooms for Nonverbal Autism students. We’d like to create a dynamic, inclusive, and stimulating environment that promotes students’ physical, emotional, and cognitive development. Peaceful Playgrounds offers stencils that we could use to create such a space.  It also offers a peaceful Corner to provide students with an opportunity to resolve conflicts before an adult steps in.

Our current area has outdated numbers where students used to line up.  It is insufficient and doesn’t meet the needs of our growing student population.  Studies have shown that play is critical to the development of children, influencing their physical health, social skills, and academic performance.  By investing in simple, safe, and reusable stencils, we can create spaces all around our campus.  We can significantly improve the quality of our students’ recess experience. Some of the benefits include motor skills, coordination and balance, problem-solving, creativity, concentration, and emotional resilience, to name a few.  This would be a space that ALL students could benefit from.

We would be grateful for the opportunity to bring these experiences to our students at James W. Rice.

Estimated Project Costs: 2000.00

Project Type:

Mural or Paint Project: School Mural or Arts Education Project

Possible Project Dates:

October 19, 2024, November 2, 2024, November 9, 2024

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