Pioneer Elementary – Pride: Campus Renewal and Green Oasis Project – Peoria

Pioneer Elementary School

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District: Peoria Unified School District

Address: 6315 W Port au Prince Lane Glendale, AZ 85306

At Pioneer Elementary School, we’re dedicated to creating an environment where students can shine and thrive. Join us in a fulfilling project that aims to refresh our campus and provide a more comfortable and inspiring space for our young learners. Your volunteer efforts will contribute to the overall well-being of our school community. Volunteer Opportunities:

  1. Star Repainting Crew: Join our team to repaint the iconic stars on our campus using the provided paint.
  2. Green Thumb Enthusiasts: Help prune existing plants and assist in planting new ones to revitalize our outdoor areas.
  3. Window Washers: Ensure that our primary classrooms are filled with natural light by cleaning the windows, making the learning environment brighter and more appealing.
  4. Tree Planting Heroes: Contribute to the creation of shaded areas by planting trees outside rooms 24 and 26.

Estimated Project Costs: $1,000

Project Type:

School Pride Project: Organization/Cleaning, Mascot or School Spirit, Campus Beautification

Possible Project Dates:

October 21, 2023

Is this Project OK for Kids: