Larkspur Elementary – Sensory Walk – Paradise Valley

Larkspur Elementary School

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District: Paradise Valley Unified School District

Address: 2430 E Larkspur Dr

We would like to install a sensory walk on our sidewalks around our playgrounds.  We have installed sensory walks inside the building using adhesive vinyl, but every time the floors are cleaned and waxed the items get removed.  Something that is permanent for our students to utilized when they need to de-escalate, as well as for fun, would be an amazing support for our students social and emotional growth.  We would need help with obtaining the stencils, paint, painting supplies, as well as work force to work alongside our staff and parents to create this project.


Possibly Nov 4th or Later Date TBD

Estimated Project Costs: $1,000 - $1,500

Project Type:

Mural or Paint Project: School Mural or Arts Education Project

Possible Project Dates:


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