Ira A. Murphy Elementary – Shine Bright Campus Cleanup and Beautification – Peoria

Ira A. Murphy Elementary School

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District: Peoria Unified School District

Address: 7231 W. North Lane Peoria, AZ 85345

At Ira A. Murphy Elementary School, we’re committed to providing our students with an exceptional learning environment, both inside and outside the classroom. Join us in a fulfilling project dedicated to revitalizing our school’s exterior. Your volunteer efforts will help us ensure that our campus is a clean, inviting, and inspiring place for our students to thrive. Volunteer Opportunities:

  1. Window Washing: Help us clean exterior windows to let natural light flood into our classrooms and make our school sparkle.
  2. Gum Removal: Rid our walkways and outdoor areas of unsightly gum, ensuring a cleaner and more pleasant environment.
  3. Geranium Planting: Contribute to the beauty of our campus by planting geraniums, adding vibrant splashes of color to our outdoor spaces.
  4. Bulletin Board Prepping: Assist in preparing bulletin boards with creative displays and informative content that will engage and inspire our students.
  5. Grounds Work: Participate in grounds maintenance tasks such as weeding, mulching, and ensuring that our outdoor areas are safe and well-kept.

Estimated Project Costs: $#,###

Project Type:

School Pride Project: Organization/Cleaning, Mascot or School Spirit, Campus Beautification

Possible Project Dates:

October 21, 2023

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