Avondale Middle School – Small Group Mini Classroom Remodel – Avondale

Avondale Middle School

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District: Avondale Elementary School District

Address: 1406 North Central Avenue

Avondale Middle School is excited to remodel small meeting rooms that are located between classrooms and convert them to small group mini classrooms. The goal is to provide a consistent and welcoming learning environment for students with academic needs in the areas of reading and/or math. Our paraprofessionals will assist in providing instruction in the areas of basic math, reading fluency, using context clues to determine the meaning of unknown words and basic comprehension.  We would like for our project date to be September 30th if possible. This project may not be safe for children because it involves the removal of shelving and counters. A picture of a mini classroom in its current state has been attached. It shows the counter tops and shelves that AMS would like to be removed. 

Estimated Project Costs: $300.00

Project Type:

Campus Update Project: Update or Remodeling Project

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