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Vista Peak School

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District: Deer Valley Unified School District

Address: 19825 N. 15th Ave

A task box is a container, box, folder, or other self-contained system that holds all the necessary materials to teach a child a particular task of skill.  These are skills that the student can do independently or with minimal support that develop routine and order through effective practice.  With students with disabilities, task boxes provide visual cues and sensory input that further supports learning whilst building learner confidence as they are able to efficiently make progress on the given task. Vista Peak School is our public day school for students with more significant learning needs and disabilities. It is also our special education hub serving the entire district as a central location to house a variety of special education resources and models of exceptional instruction for students with disabilities. We are in need of volunteers to put together task boxes that will be used not only at Vista Peak School but around the entire district.  We are looking to build a task box library that could be used for district teachers to checkout resources for their own classrooms. This library will also include file folder games, daily schedule and goal cards, fidgets, sensory tools, and classroom brain boxes.  While some pieces of items can be made from elements found in any kitchen, other pieces have a financial investment. To that end, we also need some financial support to be able to purchase the materials needed for these boxes. The intent of this library is to serve students with disabilities across all 42 schools in the district. We will provide models as examples of what might go into each task box, and we will provide direction on how these boxes are used. If financial support is provided, we can take care of all the necessary ordering. Below is also some ideas that could be donated to help support the building of our task box library.

  • Cardboard Trays (from canned goods-grocery stores), shoe boxes, egg carton, amazon boxes
  • Plastic containers of various sizes: butter or margarine tubs, deli tubs, baby food or snack cup containers, Dannon yogurt tubs, DVD cases, prescription pill containers (please wash them thoroughly to remove traces of meds), Gladware containers, parmesan cheese containers, sour cream containers, dixie cups, plastic takeout containers, clear plastic bottles, pencil boxes etc.
  • Pictures: print pictures of TV characters, toys, school supplies, clothing, etc. (images in color)
  • Small objects and manipulatives such as plastic animals, characters, toys, blocks, Legos, cars, puzzle pieces, beads, laces, pencils, erasers, poker chips, unifix cubes, colored paper clips, nuts and bolts, plastic shapes, scrabble tiles, magnetic letters/numbers, marbles, etc.
  • Craft supplies such as: colored paper, tape, glue, stapler, scissor, Velcro, paperclips, magnetic tape, spring clothespins, crayons, markers, colored pencils, glue gun and glue sticks, cardboard, pipe cleaners, craft sticks, foam egg carton, etc.
  • School & Office supplies: lined paper, binder, dividers, notebook, calendar/agenda, newspaper grocery ads, maps, file folders, tag/poster board (heavy weight cardstock paper works, too!), post-it notes, ruler, highlighter, books, workbooks, page protector, dry erase markers, dry erase board, etc.
  • Velcro is necessary for file folder games
  • Laminating Envelopes

Estimated Project Costs: $1,000

Project Type:

'In the Classroom' Project: Education Project, Teacher Appreciation, or Classroom Resources

Possible Project Dates:

October 21, 2023

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