Our Purpose

Every child today is the future of our world tomorrow. To equip them for this future, they must have the resources they need to thrive. The hard truth is that most children don’t have access to resources they need. Oftentimes, a child’s only resource is their school, where it provides education, structure, nutrition, and parental support, but it’s not enough; children and schools need our help.

We have seen how valuable it is for the local community to be involved in enriching schools. That’s where School Connect comes in. We pride ourselves on being matchmakers to allow our local community and our school community find common ground to discuss their needs and find solutions.

Join Us This Fall 2021

As challenges for families and educators continue this fall, we invite you to join us for a special initiative to boost morale for students, teachers, and classrooms!

The School Connect Podcast

We are not powerless to build the world our children deserve. Every day, normal people work together to overcome challenging community problems in powerful and creative ways. Their journeys give us the courage to create the change we hope to see.

How do we connect to community ?

What We Do

Our hope at School Connect is to create a Village, or support system, for all schools nationwide. These Villages work together to provide resources that schools need and allow local organizations to play a part in changing a child’s life. Not only will schools benefit from this partnership, but Villages will too. Giving back will result in positive changes at local organizations, bettering the community as a whole.


Our Impact

Palo Verde Community Soccer Field

As neighborhoods change the needs of children in schools also change and grow. See what happens when the community gets together to build a soccer field at a local school. Community television station Know99 in Phoenix, AZ reports on the difference that building a collaborative can make through School Connect. Find out the rest of the story…Wieters, Lori. 2016. Collective Impacts’ The Building of a Soccer Field. Grand Canyon University, Phoenix AZ.

Community Partnerships

 Our community partners, such as local businesses or religious organizations, work with School Champions to discuss the goals of a school. The expertise of our partners equips them to assist a school’s needs. Learn more about community partnerships here.

Join Our Village

School Connect is a nonprofit organization that helps children reach their full potential by building relationships between the community and schools. We are passionate about the next generation flourishing and we believe that collaboration is the key to this becoming a reality. Doing this alone is impossible; it takes all of us working together to make a difference.

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