Because of YOU
$1.3 million in volunteer service to school communities

Volunteer at a school | Grow as a leader | Step forward in your career

YOUR Impact

Did you know that volunteers LIKE YOU accounted for 65,000 hours of annual volunteer service? We measure progress in School Case Studies which show how outcomes for children can change over time, as the community pools their network of resources to target areas of greatest need. Join Love Our Schools Day at a local school, gather a team of volunteers to do teacher appreciation projects with Love Our Teachers, connect at a CAFE, or consider becoming a School Champion!

Live Out YOUR Purpose

For Valley Metro employee, Daryl Blazing, the experience was especially rewarding! “To be able to get outside the walls of this building and our normal mode of operations, and to be able to supply this equipment to these kids…It was really exciting to see the looks on the kids faces, the joy in the parents faces that their kids could now do their homework at home instead of scheduling time at the library to find an available PC…What I think of as every day and expected was so much excitement!”

“When I was a boy and I would see scary things in the news, my mother would say to me, ‘Look for the helpers. You will always find people who are helping.”


Make A Difference For A Child

Volunteer at a local school to target your service hours for the children who need it most

Gather A Team of Volunteers

Bring a team to volunteer for a school campus project on Love Our Schools Day

Support A Child’s Community

Your support at local schools filters down to families and the entire community

Help Children Learn

Lend expertise to educators and students by tutoring, reading, or mentoring

Because YOU Make A Difference!

We believe that the heart of a champion belongs to those who not only have vision for a better world, but take action. It is those who take the time to build relationships, establish trust, and know that what they invest in students travels home with them, and in turn strengthens their families, and ultimately the communities around all of us. Learn more about our core values here.


Love Our Schools

Volunteer to support a project for Love Our Schools Day! Join a team or bring your own!

School Connect Awards

Nominate a stand out educator for a school connect award!

Love Our Teachers

Teacher retention has a direct impact on student outcomes. Volunteer on a teacher appreciation project!


School Connect Summit

Network with top leaders across the state to form strategic partnerships that change outcomes for kids!

Connect at a CAFE

Connect with school leadership to learn how you can make a difference! Join A CAFE!

Champion Program

School Connect connects, trains, and coaches leaders like YOU to become champions for the children in your community. Connect to a school champion or learn how to become one!

Training & Coaching

Find training and coaching to help you reach your goals in ways that fit for your community!


Sponsor a School 

Share your time, talent, and resources to impact a school where it is needed most!

Support a Project

Donate to help fund a needed school project planned by the school and community!

Parent Connect 

Share your expertise at a Parent Connect program on a school campus!  Build connections to support the families in your neighborhood.

Looking for Internships or Career Opportunities?

The Heart of a Champion

This year our Founder’s Heart Award winner, Andrea Worth, shares about the ripple effect that one person can have.

“I just truly believe that it only takes one person and one very intentional heart that goes after a very specific need. Every moment can become a movement.”

Like Andrea, School Connect believes that every courageous leader with the heart of a champion – every one of you is helping to start a movement that creates a better future

Join Our Village

Doing this alone is impossible; it takes all of us working together to make a difference.

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School Connect Champions of Education Awards 2023

The School Connect Champions of Education Awards event honors those who lead with heart and help us to build a brighter future for Arizona youth.

What a joy it was to be surprised by a generous check from ACE Mentoring to School Connect! We love our partnership with ACE and the deep friendships that have moved the work forward! #passionandpurpose #helpourstudentsthrive
Just hours away from #SchoolConnectSummit23 … see you at the table, where together we’ll create the future for our children! 

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We believe in joining forces with the local community to support the future generations. As one organization it is hard to offer support in various different ways, but together we are empowered to team together to provide a multitude of different opportunities for our youth."

We are proud to have Concord joining us as a Champion of Education Sponsor for the #SchoolConnectSummit23 this Jan. 31st!
Scottsdale Bible Church desires to be part of the village that supports our local schools, students and families! School Connect has helped make that a reality and provided the education and resources to be a champion for kids and schools!  #SchoolConnectSummit23