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Tune in to hear the stories of everyday heroes – normal people just like you and me – who joined forces to overcome challenging community problems in powerful and creative ways

Everyday Heroes Like YOU!

We are not powerless to build the world our children deserve. Every day, normal people work together to overcome challenging community problems in powerful and creative ways.

Tune in to the School Connect Podcast to hear stories of the Village: local leaders who come together with passion and tenacity to fight for their communities. Whether it is a mentoring group started by a local fire department, a local faith leader connecting with parents, or a principal reassuring a traumatized child that she is not alone – their journeys give us the courage to create the change we hope to see.

Meet Your Hosts!

They might be known for their influence, network, and trail blazing efforts on behalf of the next generation, but our favorite thing about hosts Tracey Beal and Tim Tiller is their uncanny knack for saying out loud what we are all trying to figure out. How did that person do it? Am I the only one feeling confused and alone? What is the pattern to these everyday heroes who chose a different path? How do I get connected to people like that??

Every episode peels back the curtain to reveal the story of another everyday hero – just like you and me – who decided to stand up and use what they had to make a difference!


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We all make choices every day about what matters in our world. Who depends on us? What is worth our time, effort, and courage? How can we work together to create the change we hope to see?

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Doing this alone is impossible; it takes all of us working together to make a difference.

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Love Our Schools Day 2023

This statewide event offers a project-based volunteer opportunity where communities can come together at a local school and roll up their sleeves to make a difference! Whether painting a classroom, planting a garden, or fixing a playground… you, your company, your colleagues, or your friends and family can get involved in ways that matter most to your community.

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