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We are not powerless to build the world our children deserve. Every day, normal people work together to overcome challenging community problems in powerful and creative ways. Their journeys give us the courage to create the change we hope to see.

Join the School Connect Podcast to hear stories of the Village: local leaders who come together with passion and tenacity to fight for their communities. Whether it’s a business leader who gives truck-loads of furniture for teachers’ home offices, a faith leader who gathers parents together to help them weather the challenges of parenting, or a principal who kneels on the front lawn of a student’s home to remind them that they are not alone – their collective voice shows us how the power of connection can build hope and create change – not just for tomorrow, but for today.

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Doing this alone is impossible; it takes all of us working together to make a difference.

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Champions of Education Awards


The School Connect Champions of Education Awards was held Thursday, April 28, 2022. Together, we honored those who have built trust, modeled resilience, and cultivated courageous leadership in our education communities!