Training and Coaching

School Connect’s unique training and coaching programs help you expand your network and increase your influence!

Training and Coaching

School Connect’s training and coaching programs strengthen and hone your unique skills and resources as an individual. AND we connect your skills and resources where they matter most – to build positive change in your community! Let us help you expand your network and increase your influence.

Practical Solutions

Learn best practices and practical tips from others working toward the same causes

Leadership Development

Your growth as a leader impacts the entire ecosystem, paving the way for tomorrow’s leaders

Personalized Learning

Find training and coaching for your goals in ways that fit for your community

Group Coaching

Group coaching expands our opportunities to learn, share ideas, and encourage one another

Find Training and Coaching for YOUR goals!

Preparing for a CAFE

Setup your school principals for success and learn how to get the most out of a School Connect CAFE!

  • Book an in-person or virtual training to prepare your principals well
  • Access the CAFE Toolkit and walk-through best practices with a trainer
  • Examine your school’s current partners and brainstorm together who else to include
  • Identify your top three target goals and strategize how to use community partners to support those goals
  • Discuss how to connect with community partners for optimal results
  • Access tools to make your table conversations more productive
School Champion Training

Learn to become a trusted partner of a principal and help connect community support to your local school!

  • Join a School Champion Bootcamp for a group coaching experience where you can learn together and steal ideas
  • Access videos, PowerPoints, and PDF tool kits for guided step by step support
  • Learn to plan projects and initiatives as a team that will support the principal’s target goals
  • Build a team of collaborative leaders who are action based, and outcome focused
  • Track your progress in an engagement plan to see how much impact your community can make over time!
Working Genius for YOUR Team
  • Learn about the six stages of work and how every person has genius to offer in two of them
  • Access a personal assessment of every team member to identify their working genius – what each person offers that is unusually successful and brings them joy in the stages of a project
  • Review a team map of your collective strengths to see how you fit together as a team
  • Identify how you can work symbiotically with each team member from project start to completion
How to Host Love Our Schools Day
  • Access tools with simple steps to make Love Our Schools Day practical and accessible
  • Walk through the Love Our Schools Day project planning with a trainer to reduce the noise and clarify what simple steps are important
  • Learn how to use Love Our Schools Day as an entry point for community partners to get involved on your campus
  • Find and invite more community using School Connect tools
  • Discover how to use Love Our Schools Day projects to support your target goals over time
  • Collaborate with community for shared resources and support
  • Give students the opportunity to give back
The Whole Child Approach
  • Learn about the Whole Child Approach to education
  • Discuss practical needs-based community support based on the Whole Child Approach
  • Identify gaps and brainstorm places to start for community who might fit specific criteria
  • Evaluate progress based on community engagement!
The School Connect Model for Community Engagement
  • Learn about the value of connecting schools to community support
  • See the magic that happens when everyone sits down at the same table and understands how they fit
  • Identify strategic ways community can support target school goals
  • Create an engagement plan for the community throughout the calendar year
  • Learn how collaboration is your force multiplier!
Find Partners for YOUR School and Learn to Collaborate
  • Invite partners to participate with you using an inclusive and collaborative approach
  • Use School Connect tools to track and find partners
  • Discover the value of win/win partnerships
  • Learn about common mistakes people make when first building relationship
  • Find clear, specific, ways include partners
  • Use collaboration as a force multiplier to accomplish your goals
  • Gain tips and tricks for positive and effective communication
Bootcamp for School Connect City Directors
  • Complete 7 Training Modules to support the City Director Strategic Plan and Progress Map
  • Access one on one coaching with a trainer to find personalized support and feedback
  • Access group coaching to learn together and benefit from diverse experiences and connections
  • Learn from experts in every sector who are successfully using the School Connect Model
  • Use videos, PowerPoints, and PDF tool kits as a shared library for guided step by step support
  • Find support from a School Connect Team member for year-round consulting and support
  • Use School Connect programs, tools, events, and collateral to build your School Connect Community!


School Connect offers a variety of training and coaching to support leadership development, effective team building and performance, community engagement, whole child support, asset-based community development, and specific training to support School Connect CAFEs and Love Our Schools Days. Training is offered to support school districts, as well as leaders and organizations in the community looking to support youth and educators.

The School Connect Team has found that Cohort Coaching is a very effective way of increasing your learning experience as you get to learn and share in a “think tank” environment. Group coaching is available by appointment, but several of our programs include group discussion or interactive learning activities. Examples include school district trainings for Love Our Schools Day, CAFÉ’s, and the Whole Child Approach, and team specific trainings include our Bootcamps or Working Genius for YOUR Team!

Many of our training and coaching programs are now offered in both in-person and virtual formats. Most trainings are currently live; however we are developing a library of recordings and will consider offering recorded trainings in the future.
Since most of School Connect trainings are currently live, appointments are required and based on availability. For school district trainings we prefer a minimum of 2 weeks but cannot promise availability on a specific date. Please complete the form for scheduling and enter date and time information in the comments.
Yes! The Working Genius for YOUR Team training is designed to help teams optimize effectiveness, synergy, and productivity! It includes an assessment of each team member and interactive sessions. Complete the form to sign up!
Many School Connect trainings are free to school districts, however there are a few that do have specific pricing, and some that are priced for the private sector. Free trainings for school districts include Preparing for a CAFE, How to Host Love Our Schools Day, and The School Connect Model for Community Engagement. Complete the form to learn more about the specific training you would like to join!

We do offer speaking engagements on a case-by-case basis. For inquiries contact

Some of our trainings are already under contract, while others are available to sponsor. Sponsorship opportunities provide these programs to school districts at no or low cost, and allow sponsors to support programs that align with their mission! For more information contact

More Ways to Get Involved!

Connect at a CAFÉ

Connect with other leaders at a school district CAFÉ. Learn how you can collaborate to make a difference through local schools.

Sponsor a School

Sponsor a school to make a direct impact where it is needed most!

Love Our Teachers

Teacher Retention has a major impact on student outcomes. Let’s show teachers some love!

Love Our Schools

Join a project for Love Our Schools Day to strategically impact the greatest goals of the school!

Become a Champion

School Connect connects, trains, and coaches leaders like YOU to become school champions for the children in your community!

Join Our Village

Doing this alone is impossible; it takes all of us working together to make a difference.

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Love Our Schools Day 2023

This statewide event offers a project-based volunteer opportunity where communities can come together at a local school and roll up their sleeves to make a difference! Whether painting a classroom, planting a garden, or fixing a playground… you, your company, your colleagues, or your friends and family can get involved in ways that matter most to your community.

🚨 You are invited to a night out filled with Mexican Food - Flowers and Friends! 🚨

🌮💐We have very limited seats for this Flower Power Experience being held on Wednesday, October 4, 2023 at 6:30pm.  Join us in Barrio Queen's private dining room at Desert Ridge. 💐🌮

👩‍🏫 Your ticket will not only support the mission of School Connect - but you will enjoy an authentic Mexican Fiesta followed by a fresh flower Bouquet Building Experience.  Our Master Florist will teach you the secret to designing stunning bouquets with the freshest flowers. 

🎟️ Gather up your friends to participate in this unique experience. Tickets are limited to this intimate experience - so don't delay.