Whether they live with you, work with you, or care about the same causes, your community shares your challenges and cares about your success!

What We Have In Common

We tend to think of schools, businesses, churches, government offices, and hospitals as separate entities. But the same children and families live, work, worship, vote, and visit the doctor – often in the same few square miles. By connecting to your local school, you are supporting these same children, families, and neighbors who share your challenges and needs. Your success is their success!

Watch how the Arizona State Library, AZBSN, and School Connect collaborated to help every child in their community access their education! Who do you care about and how can you join forces with your local school to make a difference?

“There is no power for change greater than a community discovering what it cares about.”


Build Your Community

As you form valuable partnerships, your entire community will grow

Find Support For Your Organization

Increase the impact and success of your organization by finding others who share your goals

Collaborate For Shared Success

Watch the impact of your work multiply as each organization brings their unique resources to the mix

Support Your Future Leaders

When the community supporting children grows, so do children’s opportunities for success

Connect to the “hub” of your community at your local school!


Love Our Schools

Join a project for Love Our Schools Day to strategically impact the greatest goals of the school!

School Connect Awards

Help us honor champions of education both inside and outside the classroom!

Love Our Teachers

Teacher Retention has a major impact on student outcomes. Let’s show teachers some love!


School Connect Summit

Network with top leaders across the state to form strategic partnerships that change outcomes for kids!

Connect at a CAFE

Connect with school leadership to learn how you can make a difference! Join A CAFE!

Parent Connect 

Connect with other parents! Hear from experts on topics that you are living every single day!

Training & Coaching

Find training and coaching to help you reach your goals in ways that fit for your community!


Sponsor a School 

Sponsor a school to make a direct impact where it is needed most!

Become a Champion

School Connect connects, trains, and coaches leaders like YOU to become champions for the children in your community.

Support a Project

Help fund a needed school project planned by the school and community!

Laveen Community Fights Food Insecurity

Agave Farms, Urban Farming Education, Saint Mary’s Food Bank, Laveen School District, and Laveen Community Action Committee team up to meet the needs of hungry families through their school food delivery system! Using School Connect’s model of strategic collaboration, the Laveen community gave away half a million pounds of food, began teaching families about sustainable urban gardens, distributed testing and vaccinations for COVID, and they are just getting started!

Why Connect To School Communities?

School communities are the hub of the neighborhood! All the strengths, challenges, and needs of children and families are represented at the local school. By connecting around schools, we can build a village of support that can change outcomes for Arizona children – helping every child have access to the resources, opportunities, and support they need to reach their potential!

Join Our Village

Doing this alone is impossible; it takes all of us working together to make a difference.

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