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Stronger Communities Build A Stronger Marketplace

When businesses partner with local schools, the result is a better-trained workforce, more informed consumers, and a stronger local economy!

COX and Valley Metro

Cox and Valley Metro team up to give kids computers and internet service! Hear their story!

Dutch Bros Sticker Contest

What happens when a super cool business, a respected nonprofit and an innovative school district partner up? Hundreds of teen artists compete to design the new Dutch Bros sticker!

How Can a Business Get Involved?

Inspired employees love to give back!

Bring a team of employees to volunteer on a school campus for LOVE OUR SCHOOL DAY!

Your employee can make a difference in a child’s life!

Lend business expertise to school administration, staff, and students through tutoring, joining a planning committee, or mentoring.

Give where it counts to a local children

Sponsor initiatives to enhance local schools with updated technology and improved facilities

Join Our Village

Doing this alone is impossible; it takes all of us working together to make a difference.

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Champions of Education Awards


The School Connect Champions of Education Awards was held Thursday, April 28, 2022. Together, we honored those who have built trust, modeled resilience, and cultivated courageous leadership in our education communities!