Make A Difference

As Arizona schools rise to face current challenges, school districts are deciding how to reopen. Yet, far too few children live in homes adequately equipped for distance learning. Here’s how YOU can be part of the solution!


Access to Internet

In Arizona alone, 30% of students lack high speed internet access and 220,544 do not have access to appropriate devices; across the country, the number grows to between 15 and 16 million school-aged students, or 30% of all public K12 students.

SHARE a MAP with FREE WiFi & safe places to learn!

Access to Devices

Rural communities and households with Black, Latinx, and Native American students face greater barriers to accessing online learning. Students with special education and/or English Language Learner needs who lack appropriate internet access and/or devices are at greater risk for significant gaps in learning.

DONATE a used device or help fund a discounted computer for a child!

Access to PPE for Kids & Teachers

CONNECT school or district personnel to PPE resources at wholesale rates!

Access to School Supplies

CDC guidelines require students to have their own supplies; they can no longer share freely for safety.

CHECK-OUT our a list of important school supplies to donate!

Thank You for Supporting Arizona Schools