STEM For Every Student

Every Arizona student deserves the choice to enter a STEM Career, but not every student will have the opportunity. You can make the difference.

Why Do Early STEM Experiences Matter?

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, jobs in STEM related fields pay twice as much as those that are not related to STEM. The opportunity in a STEM career is significant, and yet, according to Arizona’s Education Progress Meter, only 27% of 8th grade students are prepared to be successful in high school math – a core component of most STEM careers. Even more, STEM experiences and connections help students understand why specific courses are important, what real life experience they need, and equip them to develop the skills necessary for success.

Help Us Close The STEM Gap

This year School Connect is partnering with Arizona State University and the American Council of Engineering Companies (ACEC) to create a STEM experience for 1,200 seventh grade students. Our goal is to introduce students to engineering professionals to learn what they can do now to set themselves up for success in the future. In this pursuit, School Connect is creating a STEM “Game Day” Field Trip to Mountain America Stadium at Arizona State University. During this field trip students will meet engineers and gain firsthand knowledge of the engineering skills needed to host a game in the very stadium in which they stand. This STEM experience will be followed by the opportunity to connect further with these engineering companies.

Like you, we believe that every child should have the connections and resources needed to reach their potential. Please help us provide life changing opportunities in STEM for a future without limits!

“Before I went to ASU Stadium, I’d heard the word “engineer” before, but I didn’t really know what they did. It was kinda like a mystery job to me. And to be honest, I had no clue how someone becomes an engineer either. But when we had those engineer presenters at lunch, everything started to make sense.”

“I asked them all sorts of stuff, like how they got into engineering, what their favorite projects were, and what they thought was the coolest thing about their job. It got me thinking a lot about my future. Like, maybe I could be an engineer too someday. I mean, if they can do all this amazing stuff, why not me?”

“And guess what? Some of them said they struggled in school too. That was a big surprise because I always thought engineers had to be like super geniuses. It felt real because they were just regular people like us, and they made it happen. So now, I’m kinda excited about the idea of becoming an engineer one day. Who knows? Maybe I’ll be the one talking to students and inspiring them at some cool place like ASU Stadium in the future.”

Join Our Village

Doing this alone is impossible; it takes all of us working together to make a difference.

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Please join us for the School Connect Summit 2024 this February at the Footprint Center. Take your seat on the arena floor as leaders from every sector share their vision for the future. Together, we will empower our communities to connect through their local schools – building partnerships that will change the future for Arizona children.
Dr. Paul Tighe, Executive Director of Arizona School Administrators invites leaders to join ASA and School Connect at the School Connect Summit because we know Arizona youth succeed when the village shows up! Join us on February 12, 2024, from 8:30 am to 1:30 pm at Footprint Center as we build a legacy of champions.
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These quotes from #studentleaders prove that leadership matters at every age. Check out what these students from Pendergast Elementary School District, Phoenix Union High School District, and Laveen Elementary School District had to say about the #schoolconnectsummit and how it inspired them to share their #studentvoice! #studentslead #Summit2024 #SchoolConnect @phoenixunionhs @pesd92
Breaking News! School Connect is pleased to announce a confirmed date for our tenth anniversary School Connect Summit 2024. Join us on the arena floor of Footprint Center, on February 12, 2024, from 8:00 am to 1:30 pm. Presented by Blue Cross Blue Shield of Arizona, and in partnership with Titan Solar Power, the official solar contractor of the Phoenix Suns, we invite you to lead the way for your team and your community. #SchoolConnect #Summit2024 #AZblue #titansolarpower #suns #titancares #phxoffcourt #cominginhot #leadershipmatters
What we know is that, win or lose, champions do not sit on the sidelines. They show up for their team – their community - every single day. These leaders build trust and inspire hope in those around them as they give people a vision for what is possible. Ultimately, champions pave the way for future leaders, and in so doing, champions change the world. Join us in the arena for the Summit! @bcbsaz @titansolarpowerinc @suns @phxoffcourt @benwallsfilms
Watch as students volunteering at Sahuaro Elementary for Love Our Schools Day teach our team about respect. We love working with the next generation of leaders! Well done!! School Connect cannot do this important work without you. Donate today to help us bring more support for Arizona student leaders! #SchoolConnect #WESDfamily #respect #studentleaders #studentvoice #belonging #loveourschoolsday 
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Why sponsor a student’s STEM “Game Day” Field Trip? While STEM careers are the future of education, the research shows that more than 2/3rds of middle school students do not enter high school ready to start working toward a STEM career.
As Principal Ontiveros says, “You can’t dream about something you don’t know about.”
But together, we can give kids a vision for their career potential, as well as connections and resources to help them prepare. Early support makes the difference. Every student deserves a STEM Choice. Sponsor a student today! 
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